Friday, 26 September 2008

Movie Morning

On the last Friday of Term 3, all the classes joined together for a special movie session.

First, we talked about the different types of movies you can
like comedy, horror, drama,romance,musical, documentary and sci-fi.

Then we talked about the plot, the characters and the setting.

We watched "Happy Feet" until we had a technical hitch when the DVD kept freezing. At intermission we had popcorn and jaffas just like a 'real' cinema.

After we came back to class, we watched some of "Cheaper by the Dozen."
It was a really funny movie and we would have liked to see the ending. Maybe next time?

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Student Blog said...

I enjoyed that morning very much.
It was a nice day for me. I came late but I won a prize. The prize was bath salts. We should put the salt in the bath but the most interesting thing is that I haven't a bath to put it in.


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