Monday, 26 April 2010

Why the Earth is a Great Place to Live

Earth is one planet of our Solar System. It is a wonderful place in space. The sun light, air and water allow all life on the lands and the oceans.
There are many oceans, mountains and plains on the Earth. All plants and animals have their own special place to live; fish swim in the seas and rivers, animals live on the lands and mountains, insects hide under the ground.

There are rivers and seas, and when it rains, all the water runs down from the mountains along the rivers and through to the seas or oceans. It is a great construction of the Earth. This stops the flooding of the land and allows all trees and animals to grow up.

The seasons give life order. The trees rest in the cold winter. Then they open their flowers in the wet spring. The fruit comes in hot summer or cool autumn, winter is rest again.

The Earth is a great place to live. It has everything needed for nurture; temperatures, minerals, elements and the cycle of the food chain etc.

by Chung

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