Friday, 20 June 2008


Yesterday was a beautiful day. In the morning the MYAC groups went to the ABE room. We had a celebration called NEW LIFE for Refugee Week.
First I came to the ABE room and I saw many teachers and Kerry called me and gave me my speech on cards. After that I saw the Karen people came and I talked to my friends for a few minutes. Kerry said "Let’s practise speaking." Next we practised speaking into a microphone and singing. At 10:30 we started talking about New Life and Refugee Week and some college leaders spoke first. Then Florence talked and Suya introduced our song “Friends”. We saw a lot of people watching.

After that group 2 introduced the song “Weekend’’ with singing and some students spoke. Next the Karen people danced and the students thanked our teachers. Then Jinming said thank you to the Karen leaders and introduced our art teacher Phong Le. Next Phong Le spoke about art After that finished, I wcarried some food around for the visitors. It was very delicious.

I felt very happy and I liked the day

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